Teeth Whitening

One of the most common dental procedures is teeth whitening, or “bleaching”. It is a basic treatment that lightens the tooth enamel so that your smile is whiter and more appealing.

More and more people are looking for ways to get whiter teeth. Because of this, there are a variety of teeth whitening solutions available..

It’s important to note that whitening only works on your tooth’s natural enamel. So you may have to replace fillings, crowns, and other dental restorations because they may not match the color of your newly whitened teeth. Also, this is not a permanent solution. You will require touch-ups over the years, particularly if you smoke or consume beverages that stain teeth such as coffee or red wine.


When Is Teeth Whitening Recommended?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that can enhance the look of your smile. Some reasons people use tooth whitening are:

●  The outer layer of the tooth has worn down
●  Medications have stained the teeth
●  Yellow and brown stains on teeth from smoking, drinking coffee, etc.
●  Fluorosis (disturbance of enamel caused by excessive exposure to high concentrations of fluoride during tooth development)

Teeth Whitening in Springfield, VA

We offer several different types of whitening, depending on your preference for how quickly you would like to see results, and how much time you can devote to whitening.

In-Office Whitening

In-office whitening is perfect for anyone who wants immediate results. The entire process takes place in our office in about an hour. During this process, a protective gel is applied to your gums to protect the soft tissue so no damage is done. Our staff use Opalescence Boost with 40% hydrogen peroxide gel for powerful results . The in-office gel also contains potassium nitrate, which helps decrease sensitivity associated with bleaching.

Custom Whitening Trays

Take home whitening trays is a less expensive treatment that can be done at the comfort of your own home. First visit we will take impressions of your mouth to create a customized whitening tray for you to wear. Once the tray is ready, we will set up the next visit were we will show you how to apply the special bleaching material to your tray and how long it should be worn. The custom trays are designed to precisely fit around your teeth and bleach all teeth evenly.

Take-Home Kit

At Sonrisas and Smiles, we also offer Opalescence Go, a whitening kit that is all packed and ready to go. No appointment is needed, just stop by our office and get this easy at home whitening kit. This whitening kit includes the mouth tray with the gel that should be done once-a-day for up to seven days.

No matter which option you choose, Dr. Aguilar-Garcia will give you instructions on how to properly care for your trays, and answer any questions you might have about teeth whitening. In addition to teeth whitening, you should also come in for regular visits to keep your teeth healthy and bright. Give our office a call today at (703) 879-6939 to schedule a free consultation.