Invisalign In Springfield VA

For a long time, the primary solution for straightening teeth was metal braces. Unfortunately, metal braces can be uncomfortable, unaesthetic, and a hassle. Many patients prefer a more discreet, convenient, and comfortable alternative - Invisalign.

Invisalign uses an advanced computer modeling system to manufacture clear plastic trays that are changed generally every two weeks to move and align teeth. Unlike metal braces, the trays used for Invisalign can be removed by the patient when necessary. This gives you more control and freedom than you get with braces.


When Is Invisalign Needed?

Invisalign is used to correct issues such as:

  • Overcrowding: When there is not enough space for teeth to grow and align normally, and teeth are growing too closely to each other. This can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Spacing: Large spaces in between the teeth can be a result of missing teeth or the jaw developing improperly.
  • Abfraction: A loss of tooth structure not caused by tooth decay, but rather caused by the forces placed on teeth during biting and griding.

Invisalign In Springfield VA

Dr. Aguilar-Garcia will meet with you to discuss the process with Invisalign and will perform an exam to see if you would be a good candidate for Invisalign. We’ll discuss with you different options for treatment plans and payment plans, including some payment plans with $0 money down.

Records Appointment: If you are ready to learn more the first step is a records appointment, where we will take photos and impressions of your mouth. Then Invisalign will create a 3D model of how your teeth will move, and we will discuss the results with you. Once you are ready to start treatment, we will order your custom trays and set your next appointment in two weeks.

Starting Treatment: Once your custom aligner trays are ready you will come back for an hour appointment to place clear plastic attachments on your teeth, and give you your first set of aligner trays. If there is crowding between your teeth, Dr. Aguilar-Garcia might need to perform Inter-proximal reductions, or filing, between teeth to smooth the edges between teeth.

Continuing Treatment: After your first visit, Dr. Aguilar-Garcia will want to see you two weeks later to see how your teeth are moving and you are feeling. After that, you will return to the office every four to six weeks for Dr. Aguilar-Garcia to review your progress and track your teeth movement. You will be asked to wear the aligner trays 22 hours a day to achieve the results you are seeking.

Patients have been very satisfied with the results of Invisalign, and it has many advantages over braces. We are pleased to be recognized as a Silver Invisalign provider in the Springfield area.

To set up a consultation to learn more about Invisalign please give us a call at (703) 879-6939.