Fixed Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are dental appliances used to replace missing teeth. They are a fixed appliance, meaning they aren’t removable.

Even though there are a variety of types of bridges, the most common is the traditional bridge, which is made from porcelain and metal. They are made of two crowns that fit over two abutment/anchoring teeth. These are attached to artificial teeth called pontics, and they fill in the space left by your missing teeth.


When Is A Dental Bridge Needed?

Dental bridges are seen as an alternative to dentures and other tooth replacement procedures. Since they are fixed, they do not require as much daily maintenance as other options. Some reasons for a dental bridge are:

  • Fill in the gap(s) created by missing teeth
  • To improve your facial shape/structure after losing teeth
  • Stop your other teeth from shifting out of place
  • Improve your ability to chew and speak comfortably
  • Improve your aesthetics (cosmetics)
  • To replace a removable appliances such as dentures

Fixed Dental Bridge In Springfield VA

You should anticipate two or more visits to get a dental bridge. We start by numbing your teeth. Then we prepare the two anchoring teeth by removing part of the enamel so that we can place a crown. After that, we make a mold and send it to a dental lab to have your bridge created. We will make a temporary bridge for you to wear until the permanent one is fabricated, which takes two weeks.

During the second visit, Dr. Aguilar-Garcia will check your permanent bridge with you to make sure it fits correctly. In some instances, we might temporarily place the bridge for your tissue, teeth, and muscle to get acclimated with the appliance. Then we will permanently cement the bridge a little later.

We will give you instructions on how to brush, floss, and maintain your bridge properly after your procedure. It’s very important to floss properly around bridges to make sure food does not accumulate under the bridge.