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Pediatric Dentistry 

Pediatric Dentistry

At Sonrisas and Smiles, we offer a very “kid friendly” atmosphere, and pediatric dental services for children and adolescents. Pediatric dentistry is a specialized portion of dentistry that specifically addresses the dental needs of children. Dr. Aguilar-Garcia realizes the importance of developing great dental habits at a young age, so pediatric dentistry has become a focus of our family dental practice.


Your Child’s First Appointment


Many children have anxiety or get scared about their first visit to the dentist. Our staff has experience in helping children get acclimated and comfortable about being at the dentist. The first appointment will include:


A comprehensive exam, including checking the status of the baby teeth and any erupted adult teeth, gums and cheeks, and the child’s bite

Depending on the child’s age, a panoramic x-ray or intraoral x-rays


Application of fluoride to help prevent cavities

A discussion of the factors that affect the risk of cavities, such as diet, hygiene practices, fluoride use, and family history.


By keeping the initial appointment simple, and not performing any serious procedures, children have less fear about their visit. We take the time to let you and your child get acquainted with Dr. Aguilar Garcia and our staff, and welcome any questions you may have about your  child’s oral health. We will also inform you of any issues we find during the dental exam and recommend the best course of action.  


Visit Our Kid-Friendly Office


To ease your child’s anxiety, we have catered our office towards younger patients. If you arrive for your appointment ahead of schedule, or if there is a short wait time, we have coloring books and games available to keep your child entertained and occupied. Sometimes, giving children fun activities distracts them from their initial fear and anxiety which helps their appointment go  by smoother. In addition to the office itself, our staff enjoys treating kids. When you choose Sonrisas and Smiles, you will be welcomed by our warm and friendly staff that look forward to making your child’s visit as enjoyable as possible.  


Experienced and Compassionate Pediatric Dentist in Springfield VA


Choosing a dentist for your child is a major decision, and we understand you want a doctor that is dedicated and experienced in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Aguilar Garcia loves treating children!  While completing dental school at the University of Southern California, he became involved with Dental Care for Children, a non-profit that provides free dental care to children in need. He has donated over 100 hours of time to provide dental care for children in Southern California, Mexico and Haiti. Dr. Aguilar Garcia works with a team of dentists and dental students on these mission trips, and in one weekend the team can see hundreds of children and provide $100,000 of free dental care to children in need.  


The health of your child’s teeth and gums is as important to us as it is to you. We look forward to meeting with you and your child in our pediatric dentist office in Springfield VA. Call us today at (703) 879-6939 to make an appointment.