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Whether your tooth is missing as a result of damage, tooth decay, infection, or other causes, we offer dental implants in Springfield, VA that will help preserve your natural smile and save your surrounding teeth from growing in crooked due to the gaps.


What Are Dental Implants?


Dental implants are made from titanium posts that are anchored into the jawbone.

After the surgical site has healed, we attach a crown as a replacement tooth that

resembles a natural tooth onto the metal post. Your new implant will blend right in

with the rest of your smile and look completely natural. Dental implants are an

excellent option for people who want a long term solution for missing teeth, but

don’t want dental bridges or other appliances that require extra maintenance.


Benefits of Dental Implants


Dental implants have become a very popular solution for patients with missing teeth. They solve several of the issues patients experience with other options such as dentures or bridges. They don’t require you to restrict your diet or have additional maintenance like dentures. They also don’t use surrounding teeth in order to be set like a dental bridge. Implants allow you to live normally without having to completely alter your lifestyle.


Some of the other benefits of getting dental implants include:

You will get rid of the gaps caused by missing teeth

You can experience less discomfort

It will become easier for you to chew food and speak

They are a long-term solution for missing teeth


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Your Dental Implant Dentist In Springfield, VA


If you’re in need of dental implants in Springfield VA, Dr. Wilson Aguilar Garcia offers gentle and compassionate care. We thoroughly examine the damaged tooth (or the area where the missing tooth was) and make a recommendation on whether or not a dental implant is the best solution for you. To get started, contact our office at (703) 879-6939 to set up an appointment.

Dental Implants